Maja Dimnik

Founder and CEO, World of Glamping

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I'm a founder of World of Glamping, brand showcasing selected glamping retreats at its finest going beyond five stars, where the facilities in nature are thoughtfully designed in order to provide a sense of luxury and glamour with their uniqueness.

I'm co-organisor of Eco Hotel Summit online event (29th - 31th July 2020) and Eco Resort Network.

I have established complete marketing and managed some of the best luxury glamping sites, including Garden Village Bled recognized as one of top 10 glamping resorts in the world (by National Geographic) and Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping which received a Best Honeymoon Destination award from International Hospitality Awards. I was also the co-founder of glamping design company GlamPro.

While spending many years of working in the field of luxury glamping, I have decided to dedicate my knowledge and energy to raise the quality of this fast-growing industry to the highest luxury levels.

My consultancy through World of Glamping helps luxury experiential and glamping sites implement better quality service and eliminate mistakes that often resorts do not see, but affect guest satisfaction. Find out more at or send me email at [email protected]

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Final remarks and wrap up

26 November 2020, 04:20 PM
Steph Curtis-Raleigh Maja Dimnik J Mendes Gerard Brown