Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Gerard Brown

Founder and CEO, Low Season Traveller®

Chris Flynn

President & CEO, The World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage

Harold Goodwin

Managing Director, Responsible Tourism Partnership

Jillian Blackbeard

CEO, The Victoria Falls Regional Association

Rocco Bova

Manager, Chablé

Pia Louw

Travel Industry Director, Turismo de Tenerife

Philippe Moreau

Founder and CEO, GreenerAct

Steph Curtis-Raleigh

Eco Resort Network, Event Organizer

Maja Dimnik

Founder and CEO, World of Glamping

Debra Enzenbacher

Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos University

Andrea Grisdale

CEO & Founder, IC Bellagio

Kristina Kutan

Co-Founder, flOasis.io

J Mendes

Founder, No Footprint Group

Laura Powell

Wellness Industry Consultant and Journalist

Claus Raasted

Director, The College of Extraordinary Experiences

Wouter Veenstra

Data Products Manager, Kiwi.com